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Intex Televisions Price List


Intex is one of the top brand in Televisions.This Intex price list consists of all the genuine and the currently available products.Intex Televisions price list have various Televisions ranging from Rs.9665 to Rs.59999. The topmost price mobile in Intex brand is Intex LED-5800 which costs around Rs.59999.The low cost TV present in Intex Televisions is Intex LED-2205 which is Rs.9665.This Intex price list consists of Intex price list, Intex Televisions list with price,Intex Televisions with specifications, Intex Televisions with price comparison and Intex Televisions with expert reviews and user reviews.we are presenting you the Best and lowset price list of Intex Televisions on March 2017 and you also get prices of Intex Televisions among all leading shoping sites in india like flipkart,snapdeal,amazon,ebay.so you can know latest prices of Intex Televisions on March 2017

Latest Intex Televisions List with Price

Intex TVs List Price
Intex-LED-5800 Rs.59999
Intex-5500 Rs.47990
Intex-5001-FHD-SMT Rs.45999
Intex-LED-5500-FHD Rs.45050
Intex-LED-4301-FHD-SMT Rs.34999
Intex-LED-5010 Rs.34990
Intex-5012 Rs.34500
Intex-4018 Rs.26649
Intex-LED-4310 Rs.24299
Intex-3201 Rs.23999
Intex-3219 Rs.20999
Intex-LED-3220 Rs.16900
Intex-3222 Rs.15990
Intex-2800 Rs.15787
Intex-3108 Rs.14645
Intex-3213 Rs.14490
Intex-LED-3218 Rs.14260
Intex-LED-3210 Rs.13200
Intex-LED-3216 Rs.13200
Intex-LED-2810 Rs.12420
Intex-LED-2410 Rs.11419
Intex-3110 Rs.11419
Intex-LED-2410 Rs.11349
Intex-LED-2205 Rs.9665

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