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All tablets Price List With Features from to 8000


The Price list of All tablets on June 2017 above Rs.6000 under Rs.8000 with features and reviews ,we presenting the All new and best tablets from Rs.6000 to below Rs.8000 so you can get the latest prices among various shopping sits with latest offersand deals with price range of above Rs.6000 to below Rs.8000 And This list has All branded and genuine tablets from Rs.6000 to below Rs.8000 with exact price in India as of June 2017

All tablets phones from Rs.6000 to Rs.8000

All tablets from Rs.6000 to Rs.8000 Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V Ebony Black 8Gb Rs.7999
Micromax P701 Grey 8Gb Rs.6500
Micromax Canvas P702 White 16Gb Rs.7599
Micromax Canvas Tab P690 Grey 8Gb Rs.6899
Micromax P580i Silver 8Gb Rs.6786
Micromax Canvas P480 Blue 8Gb Rs.7574
Swipe Ace Strike White 16Gb Rs.6054
Celkon Tab 7 Black 8Gb Rs.6450
Hcl Me Y4 Silver 8Gb Rs.7500
Zen A700 Black 4Gb Rs.6161
DLink D100 Charcoal Grey 16Gb Rs.6499
Iball Gorgeo 4GL Black 8Gb Rs.6100
Iball Slide Snap 4g2 Gold 2Gb Rs.7000
Iball 1026 Q18 White 8Gb Rs.7999
Iball Bio Mate Brown 8Gb Rs.7473
Iball Slide Wings Grey 16Gb Rs.7399
Iball Slide 9017 D50 Black 8Gb Rs.7542
Iball Cuddle A4 3G Silk White 16Gb Rs.6499
Bsnl Penta Ws704q Grey 16Gb Rs.7999
Leafline Tab L 8.0 Champagne Gold 8Gb Rs.7777
Bsnl Penta 704q Ultra Blue 8Gb Rs.6999
Bsnl Penta 83axr2 Gpu Bronze Gold 16Gb Rs.6824
Pinig Kids Smart Tablet 6-8 Silver 8Gb Rs.7008
Simmtronics Xpad X722 White 4Gb Rs.6999
Pinig Kids Smart 0-5 Silver 8Gb Rs.6750
Pinig Executive Smart Tablet Silver 8Gb Rs.6750
Pinig Kids Smart Tablet 0-5 Silver 8Gb Rs.7008
Pinig Kids Smart Tablet Silver 8Gb Rs.6750
Pinig Woman Smart Tablet Silver 8Gb Rs.7200
Pinig Kids Smart Tablet 9 5 Silver 8Gb Rs.7045
Micromax P701 Plus Blue 16Gb Rs.8000
Huawei Mediapad 7 T1- 701u Silver 8Gb Rs.6668
Lenovo TB3-710I Black 16Gb Rs.6380

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