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All tablets Price List With Features from to 4000


The Price list of All tablets on August 2017 above Rs.2000 under Rs.4000 with features and reviews ,we presenting the All new and best tablets from Rs.2000 to below Rs.4000 so you can get the latest prices among various shopping sits with latest offersand deals with price range of above Rs.2000 to below Rs.4000 And This list has All branded and genuine tablets from Rs.2000 to below Rs.4000 with exact price in India as of August 2017

All tablets phones from Rs.2000 to Rs.4000

All tablets from Rs.2000 to Rs.4000 Price
Lava Ivory E Champagne Gold 4Gb Rs.2699
Lava Qpad R704 Metallic Black 8Gb Rs.3935
Micromax P290 Black 8Gb Rs.3000
Micromax Canvas P680 Grey 16Gb Rs.3999
Microsoft iBall i701 Black 16Gb Rs.2999
Swipe Slice 3G Black 4Gb Rs.3926
Swipe W74 Silver 8Gb Rs.3499
Swipe Ace Prime Gold Silver 8Gb Rs.3999
Swipe Slice Black 4Gb Rs.3399
Swipe MTV Slash 2x White 4Gb Rs.3390
Swipe 3D Life Plus Black 4Gb Rs.2499
Swipe 3D Life Black 4Gb Rs.2499
Swipe Slash White 4Gb Rs.2950
Ambrane AQ 700 White 8Gb Rs.3699
Baslate 7-38 White 4Gb Rs.3550
Datawind Ubislate VidyaTab Black 4Gb Rs.2099
Datawind Ubislate 7SC Star Black 4Gb Rs.2805
Datawind Ubislate 7CZ Black 4Gb Rs.2799
Datawind Ubislate 3G7Z Black 8Gb Rs.3499
Datawind Ubislate 7DCX Black 4Gb Rs.2599
Datawind Ubislate 7C Plus Black 4Gb Rs.2999
Fujezone Smartab X3plus Silver 4Gb Rs.3599
Datawind Ubislate 3G7 Plus Black 4Gb Rs.3399
Datawind Ubislate 9Ci Black 4Gb Rs.3460
Datawind 7DC Plus Black 8Gb Rs.3399
Iball Q40i Grey 8Gb Rs.3200
Iball D7061 Charcoal Blue 8Gb Rs.2999
Iball i701 Black 16Gb Rs.2999
I Kall Ik2 Black 8Gb Rs.3699
I Kall Ik2 With Keyboard Black 8Gb Rs.3999
I Kall Ik1 Black 4Gb Rs.3699
I Kall Ik1 With Keyboard Black 4Gb Rs.3899
I Kall N1 With Keyboard White 4Gb Rs.3299
I Kall N1 White 4Gb Rs.2999
I Kall N3 Black 8Gb Rs.3999
I Kall N2 Black 4Gb Rs.3099
I Kall N2 With Keyboard Black 4Gb Rs.3299
I Kall N6 With Keyboard Black 8Gb Rs.3699
I Kall N6 White 8Gb Rs.3299
I Kall N7 Black 8Gb Rs.3148
I Kall N7 With Keyboard White 8Gb Rs.3699
I Kall N8 Black 8Gb Rs.3299
I Kall N8 With Keyborad Black 8Gb Rs.3599
Iball 7236 2Gi Royal Blue 8Gb Rs.3949
Ice Xt202 Brown 4Gb Rs.2999
Iball Slide Brillante Black 8Gb Rs.2999
Izotron Quattro MI7 3 Black 8Gb Rs.3399
Izotron Mi7 Hero Beta Black 4Gb Rs.3690
Bsnl Penta 704d Blue 4Gb Rs.3999
Rdp Gravity Tab 7 Inch Black 8Gb Rs.3699
Vox V105 Hd Screen White 4Gb Rs.2990
Vox V105 Black 8Gb Rs.2990
Vox V105 With Keyboard White 4Gb Rs.2990
Uni N2 White 4Gb Rs.2999
Unic U2 Black 8Gb Rs.3499
Unic U1 White 4Gb Rs.2999
Unic N3 White 8Gb Rs.3999
Unic N2 Black 4Gb Rs.3299
Karbonn TA-Fone A34 HD Star Black 4Gb Rs.3499
Penta WS704D Cherry Red 4Gb Rs.3999
Smartab X2 Plus Ice White 4Gb Rs.3199
Unic N1 Rs.2999
Ambrane A3 7 Plus Rs.2799

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