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All mobiles Price List With Features from to 7000


The Price list of All mobiles on June 2017 above Rs.4000 under Rs.7000 with features and reviews ,we presenting the All new and best mobiles from Rs.4000 to below Rs.7000 so you can get the latest prices among various shopping sits with latest offersand deals with price range of above Rs.4000 to below Rs.7000 And This list has All branded and genuine mobiles from Rs.4000 to below Rs.7000 with exact price in India as of June 2017

All mobiles phones from Rs.4000 to Rs.7000

All mobiles from Rs.4000 to Rs.7000 Price
Htc Desire620g Rs.6658
Htc Desire620g Rs.6797
Samsung Z2 Rs.4550
Samsung Tizen Z3 Rs.4990
Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Rs.5910
Micromax Canvas 4 Plus Rs.4999
Micromax Canvas 5 Lite Rs.6239
Micromax Canvas Spark 3 Rs.4199
Lenovo A6600 Plus Rs.6049
Micromax Canvas 5 Lite Special Edition Rs.6239
Micromax Canvas Fire 4 Rs.4285
Micromax Canvas Fire 4G Rs.5699
Micromax Canvas Fire 5 Rs.4299
Micromax Canvas Amaze 4G Rs.5989
Lenovo A5000 Rs.6999
Micromax Canvas Mega Rs.4790
Micromax Canvas Juice 4G Rs.5999
Lenovo A2010 Rs.5024
Micromax Canvas Juice Rs.6999
Lenovo s60 Rs.6999
Micromax Canvas Xp 4G Rs.5849
Micromax Canvas Spark Rs.4890
Micromax Canvas Unite 4 plus Rs.6999
Micromax A190 Canvas HD plus Rs.4999
Micromax Canvas Selfie 2 Rs.4795
Lenovo A6000 Rs.6799
Micromax Canvas Blaze 4G+ Rs.4790
Redmi mi Tribe A500 Rs.4999
Redmi Whitecherry MI Canvas Rs.4810
InFocus M370i Rs.6150
Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Rs.6294
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Rs.4988
Samsung Galaxy Ace Nxt Rs.5499
Htc Desire 326G Rs.6333
Htc Desire 310 Dual Sim Rs.5499
Lava Iris X8 Rs.6399
Lava A97 Rs.5086
LYF Water 1 Rs.6398
Lava X28 Rs.5193
Lava Icon Rs.6299
LYF Water 10 Rs.5800
LYF Water 11 Rs.6400
LYF Water 4 Rs.6350
LYF Water 5 Rs.6459
Lava P7 Plus Rs.4249
LYF Wind 1 Rs.5999
LYF Wind 3 Rs.6799
Lava A72 Rs.5625
LYF Wind 4 Rs.6531
Lava V2S Rs.6999
LYF Wind 5 Rs.5590
LYF Wind 6 Rs.4999
LYF Wind 7 Rs.6499
LYF Flame 8 Rs.4399
LYF Flame 7s Rs.4000
LYF Flame 1 Rs.4185
LYF Ls 5002 Rs.6290
Xolo Black 1X Rs.6499
Lava X11 4G Rs.5749
Xolo Era Rs.4444
Lava EG932 Rs.6099
Xolo 8X 1000i Rs.4999
Xolo Q1020 Rs.6258
Xolo Q710s Rs.6580
Lava X38 Rs.6180
Xolo Q900S Rs.4200
Lava Iris Fuel 10 Rs.6348
Xolo Q520s Rs.5299
Xolo Q1000 Rs.4499
Lava Iris X17 Rs.5349
Oppo Joy Plus Rs.5830
Oppo Neo Rs.6990
Panasonic Eluga A Rs.5790
Oppo Joy 3 Rs.5990
Oppo R1011 Rs.6230
Oppo 1201 Rs.6226
Panasonic Eluga Arc Rs.6960
Panasonic Eluga L Rs.6989
Panasonic Eluga Z Rs.5999
Panasonic Eluga S Rs.6666
Vivo Y21L Rs.6800
Panasonic Eluga S Mini Rs.6575
Panasonic Eluga U Rs.5400
Celkon Millennia Star Rs.4399
Vivo Y21 Rs.6600
Vivo Y15S Rs.6890
Yu Yunique Rs.4739
Yu Yunique Plus Rs.4999
Yu Yureka Plus Rs.6199
Yu Yureka Rs.5999
Nokia XL Dual SIM Rs.6999
Nokia Lumia 530 Rs.4500
Gionee P5 Mini Rs.4299
Gionee Pioneer P6 Rs.6299
Gionee P5w Rs.5499
Gionee P5L Rs.6750
Gionee V5 Rs.4790
Gionee Ctrl V4S Rs.5850
BlackBerry Z3 Rs.6014
Gionee P4s Rs.5350
Gionee Pioneer P4s Rs.5100
Gionee Pioneer P4 Rs.6350
Gionee Ctrl V5 Rs.6350
Gionee P2 Rs.4799
Gionee P2s Rs.4325
Gionee Gpad G4 Rs.6550
LG Spirit H442 Rs.6499
InFocus M260 Rs.4070
InFocus Bingo 20 Rs.4900
InFocus Bingo 21 Rs.4999
LG MAGNA H502F Dual Sim Rs.6990
InFocus M808i Rs.6999
Intex Cloud Tread Rs.4149
Huawei honor bee Rs.4990
Huawei honor bee 4G Rs.6090
Intex Cloud Jewel Rs.5499
Intex Aqua Fish 4G Rs.4805
Intex Aqua Super Rs.5999
Intex Aqua View Rs.6999
Intex Aqua Strong 5.1 Rs.4999
Intex Aqua Raze Rs.5000
Intex Aqua Star 4G Rs.4500
Intex Aqua Music Rs.6999
Intex Aqua Young Rs.4000
Intex Aqua Desire HD Rs.4699
Intex Aqua Trend 4g Rs.6999
Intex Aqua Secure Rs.5799
Intex Aqua Ace II Rs.6999
Intex Aqua Power Plus Rs.6985
Spice Xlife 512 Rs.4432
Spice Mi 438 Rs.6299
Spice Xlife 55 HD Rs.5645
Spice Stellar 431 Rs.4250
Acer Liquid Z530 Rs.6622
Intex Aqua Life 3 Rs.4799
Intex Cloud 4G Star Rs.5190
Videocon Krypton V50Fg Rs.5999
Videocon Graphite1 V45ED Rs.4425
Videocon Krypton3 V50JG Rs.5899
Videocon Cube 3 Rs.6350
Videocon Thunder Plus Rs.4999
Videocon Z51 Nova Plus Rs.5049
Videocon A26 Rs.6750
Videocon Z55 Delite Rs.5499
Videocon Infinium Z51Q Star Rs.4729
Intex Aqua Lion 3G Rs.4011
Videocon Graphite V45BD4 Rs.4199
Videocon A54 Rs.4940
Intex Aqua Slice 2 Rs.5400
Videocon Z55 Dash Rs.5249
Intex Cloud Star Rs.5999
Intex Aqua Power HD Rs.5999
Intex Aqua Power 2 Rs.5855
Intex Cloud String HD Rs.4999
Intex Aqua Strong 5.1 Rs.5298
Intex Aqua Power 4G Rs.5599
Intex Aqua Q7 Pro Rs.4499
Intex Aqua Star 2 Rs.5990
Intex Cloud Crystal2.5 D Rs.5399
Intex Aqua Twist Rs.4999
Intex Cloud M6 Rs.5999
Intex Aqua Speed Smart Rs.5999
Intex Aqua Freedom Rs.4399
Intex Cloud N Rs.4699
Intex Aqua Speed Hd Rs.5899
Intex Aqua Turbo 4G Rs.6790
Intex Aqua Star Power Rs.7000
Intex Aqua Dream 2 Rs.4999
Intex Aqua N4 Rs.6500
Intex Aqua Dream Dual Sim Rs.5990
Intex Cloud Y1 Rs.4369
Intex Aqua Y2 Power Rs.4666
Videocon Infinium Z51 Rs.5747
Videocon A42 Rs.6049
Videocon Z45Q Star Rs.4389
Videocon Infinium Z45 Nova Plus Rs.5403
Videocon Z24 Rs.4999
Videocon V15 Plus Rs.4299
Celkon Millennium Vogue Q455 Rs.6999
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Rs.6999
Celkon Q58 Xplore Rs.4999
Celkon Millennia Xpress Rs.6299
Microsoft Lumia 535 Rs.6699
Microsoft Lumia 532 Rs.6289
Microsoft Lumia 430 Rs.5999
Karbonn K9 Viraat Rs.4799
Karbonn QuattroL51 HD Rs.5999
Karbonn Titanium Mach Six Rs.6190
Karbonn Titanium S205 Rs.4499
Karbonn Quattro L45 Rs.4905
Karbonn Titanium Mach Five Rs.4590
Karbonn Aura Power Rs.5360
Karbonn S204 Titanium Dazzle 3 Rs.4699
Karbonn S 204 Rs.4999
Karbonn Quattro L50 Rs.5990
Karbonn Quattro L52 VR Rs.6499
Karbonn Vista FHD Rs.4990
Karbonn Titanium S5 Plus Rs.4995
Karbonn A202 Rs.4995
Karbonn Titanium S2 Plus Rs.5786
Karbonn S35 Rs.4890
Karbonn Titanium S10 Rs.5890
Karbonn Aura 9 Rs.5599
Karbonn S315 Rs.5990
Karbonn S320 Rs.4640
Karbonn Titanium Dazzle 2 S202 Rs.5690
Karbonn Titanium High 2 Rs.6999
Karbonn S18 Rs.4099
Karbonn Smart A11 Plus Rs.6990
Karbonn A40 Rs.4011
Panasonic P77 Rs.5299
Micromax canvas 4 Rs.5999
Micromax Canvas 5 Rs.6110
Micromax Q424 Rs.4975
Micromax canvas fire 5 q386 Rs.4390
Micromax SELFIE 4 Q349 Rs.4499
Micromax FIRE 4 Q386 Rs.4299
Micromax Fire 3 Q375 Rs.5999
Micromax Canvas Pulse 4G E451 Rs.6190
Micromax Canvas Juice 4 Q382 Rs.4490
Micromax A 190 Rs.5499
Micromax Canvas Nitro 3 E352 Rs.4980
Micromax E353 Mega Rs.4800
Micromax Canvas Nitro E455 Rs.6790
Micromax BOLT Q 332 Rs.4745
Micromax Canvas Selfie Lens Q345 Rs.4399
Micromax Bolt Q338 Rs.5596
Micromax Canvas Juice 3plus Rs.5499
Micromax Canvas Fire Q411 Rs.5700
Micromax Canvas Blaze Q400 Rs.5500
Micromax Canvas Xpress A99 Rs.5550
Micromax BOLT Q 338 Rs.5998
Micromax Canvas Juice 3 Q392 Rs.4599
Micromax Canvas Lens Rs.5299
Micromax Canvas Doodle 4 Rs.5790
Micromax unite 2 A106 Rs.6695
Micromax Canvas 2 A120 Rs.6495
Micromax Q345 Rs.4999
Micromax Canvas Hue 2 Rs.5190
Micromax Canvas Fire 3 A096 Rs.4975
Micromax Canvas Nitro E311 Rs.5290
Micromax Unite 3 Q372 Rs.4189
Micromax Canvas Elanza 2 A121 Rs.5000
Micromax Canvas Play Q355 Rs.4289
Micromax Canvas Tube A118R Rs.5999
Micromax Canvas Selfie A255 Rs.5692
Micromax Juice 2 AQ5001 Rs.6999
Micromax Canvas Pep Q371 Rs.5048
Micromax Fire 4 Rs.6520
Micromax A092 Rs.4900
Micromax Canvas 4 Plus A315 Rs.6996
Micromax Canvas XL2 A109 Rs.5800
Micromax Canvas Duet II EG111 Rs.5999
Micromax Bolt A61 Rs.5999
Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 A240 Rs.5188
Micromax Canvas 4 A210 Rs.6999
Micromax Bolt A40 Rs.4598
Micromax Canvas Fun A63 Rs.5438
Samsung Galaxy J1 4G Rs.6890
Micromax Canvas Fun A76 Rs.6998
Samsung SM J120 Rs.6890
Lava X17 Rs.5599
Lava EG932 Rs.5999
Spice Xlife Electro 55HD Rs.4299
Lava Iris 406Q Rs.5393
Lava iris 505 Rs.4000
Xolo Era 2 Rs.4444
Oppo neo5 Rs.5990
Celkon Diamond Pop 4G Rs.4499
Celkon Q5K Power Rs.4190
Htc 620G Rs.6797
Panasonic P66 Rs.6192
Nokia X Plus Rs.6995
BlackBerry Bold 9900 Rs.4849
BlackBerry Curve 9360 Rs.5499
Panasonic P71 Rs.6699
Samsung J120 Rs.6890
Samsung Z2 Rs.4550
Panasonic T50 Rs.4089
Panasonic Eluga I2 Rs.4099
Panasonic P75 Rs.4499
Panasonic p66 Mega Rs.4990
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Rs.4988
Samsung J110H Rs.4988
Intex Cloud Style 4G HD Rs.4999
Panasonic P50 Idol Rs.4520
Intex Aqua Classic Rs.4444
Panasonic P65 Flash Rs.5180
Intex Aqua Costa Rs.4299
Panasonic T45 4G Rs.5450
Karbonn K9 Viraatf Rs.5295
Panasonic P55 Novo Rs.6090
Panasonic T40 Rs.4986
Zen Cinemax Click Rs.5749
Panasonic P41 Rs.5875
Zen Cinemax 1 Rs.4440
Zen Ultrafone 701HD Rs.6990
Lenovo A2020a40 Rs.6494
Asus A501CG Rs.6999
Asus Zenfone Go 2nd Gen Rs.5299
LYF Wind 7S Rs.5699
LYF Wind 4s Rs.6118
LYF Wind 7i Rs.5239
LYF F8 Rs.4699
LYF Water 9 LS 5506 Rs.6950
Zte Blade Qlux Rs.4490
Coolpad Dazen X7 Rs.6974
Coolpad Note 3 Lite Rs.7000
Zopo ZP952 F1 Rs.6599
Zopo Hero 1 Rs.6999
Zopo COLOR C Zp330 Rs.4299
Zopo COLOR S5.5 ZP370 Rs.5999
Zopo Color F1 Rs.6599
Zopo Color C3 Rs.5999
Swipe Konnect Plus Rs.4271
Reliance Lava Eg 932 Rs.6099
Adcom A NOTE Rs.5498
Swipe Elite Note Rs.6699
Swipe Virtue Rs.4980
Swipe Elite 2 Rs.4199
Blackbear A6 Glam Rs.4145
Swipe Junior Rs.5999
Blu Studio GHD Rs.4368
Swipe Konnect 5 Rs.4649
Fly IQ 4520 Plus Rs.4799
Fly IQ 4520 Rs.4980
Fly IQ 4520 Quad Rs.4145
Fly IQ 4520 Tornado Slim Rs.4145
Fly Torando Slim Rs.5999
Iball Avonte 5 Rs.4999
Iball Andi 5Q Rs.5999
Iball Andi 5Q Cobalt Solus Rs.6499
Iball Andi 5.5U F2F Rs.5788
Iball Andi HD 6 Rs.4999
Iball Sprinter 4G Rs.5699
Iball Andi 5.5H Weber 4G Rs.6199
Iball Andi 5F Infinito Rs.4999
Iball Andi Cobalt Oomph 4.7d Rs.4500
Iball Andi 4.5M Enigma Rs.4300
Iball Andi Uddaan Rs.5495
Iball Cobalt 4 Rs.4999
Alcatel Pixi4 5045T Rs.4999
Emerin Elite Rs.4800
Emerin Telecom Pvt.Ltd Best E6 Rs.4999
Hyve Storm Rs.4899
Ismart IS 57i Rs.4799
Kult K10 Rs.5998
Kodak Im5 Rs.4700
Kodak Im7 Rs.4944
Matrixx Genius G1 Rs.6499
Octira R7i Rs.4499
Onida I4G1 Rs.5350
Samsung Galaxy J1 Rs.6890
Redmi 2 Rs.6323
Redmi 3S Rs.6999
LYF Water 2 Rs.6999
LYF Flame 2 Rs.5200
Motorola Moto E Rs.6999
Azumi A55 Rs.4399
Blaupunkt U9 Rs.4399
Panasonic P50 Rs.4965
Panasonic T11 Rs.4999
Asus Zenfone 4 Rs.4649
Mts Blaze 4.0 Rs.6999
Xolo Era 2x Rs.6222
Xolo Era 1x Rs.5149
Xolo Era X Rs.5499
Xolo Cube 5.0 Rs.6989
Xolo Q510s Rs.6990
Xolo Q600s Rs.4499
Xolo A500s Lite Rs.4360
Lava A71 Rs.5559
Xolo Pocket Pad Q2500 Rs.5499
Lava A76 Plus Rs.5035
Lava X19 Rs.4489
Celkon Diamond Q4G Plus Rs.5985
Celkon Millennia Q5K Transformer Rs.5199
Celkon Q519 Plus Rs.5050
Celkon Q5K Transformer Rs.5199
Spice Xlife 480Q Rs.4799
Videocon Delite 21 Rs.4890
Videocon Infinium Rs.4250
Lava X28 Plus Rs.6369
Lava X28 Plus Rs.6369
Micromax Spark Vdeo Rs.4399
Microsoft Lumia 435 Rs.6179
Microsoft Lumia 435 Rs.6179
Intex Aqua Lions 4G Rs.4618
Intex Aqua Lions 4G Rs.4500
Intex Aqua Lions 4G Rs.5490
Intex Aqua Amaze Plus Rs.4599
Intex Aqua Amaze Plus Rs.4533
Intex Aqua Amaze Plus Rs.4533
Intex Aqua Amaze Plus Rs.4533
Intex Aqua Young 4G Rs.6100
Intex Aqua Strong 5.1 Plus Rs.4529
Intex Aqua Strong 5.1 Plus Rs.5490
Intex Aqua Young 4G Rs.5840
Zen Cinemax 4G Rs.5999
Zen Cinemax 4G Rs.6249
Zen Admire Thrill Rs.4290
Zen Admire Thrill Rs.4379
Swipe Konnect Prime Rs.4299

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