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All Mobiles Price List With Features


The list of All mobiles on April 2017 above Rs.2000 below Rs.4000 with features and reviews ,we presented the new and best mobiles from Rs.2000 to Rs.4000 so you can get the latest prices among various shopping sits with latest offers with price range of above Rs.2000 to below Rs.4000 And This site has All branded and genuine mobiles from Rs.2000 to below Rs.4000 with exact price in India as of April 2017

All Mobile phones from Rs.2000 to Rs.4000

All mobiles from Rs.2000 to Rs.4000 Price
Lenovo A1000 Rs.3490
Samsung Galaxy Star Advance Rs.3300
Lava A68 Rs.3299
Lava A67 Rs.3599
Lava A79 Rs.3999
Lava Iris Atom X Rs.2399
Lava Iris X1 Atom S Rs.2699
Lava Iris Atom 2X Rs.3249
Lava Iris Atom 2 Rs.3749
Lava Iris Atom Rs.2749
Lava Iris Atom 3 Rs.3499
Lava A59 Rs.3103
Lava A82 Rs.3749
Lava P7 Rs.3929
LYF Flame 7s Rs.3999
Lava A32 Rs.2685
Xolo Q600 Club Rs.2649
Lava Flair P1i Rs.2919
LG L60 Rs.3399
LG Lg510 Rs.3999
InFocus M260 Rs.3459
InFocus Bingo 10 Rs.2999
Intex Cloud Tread Rs.3799
Intex Cloud Scan FP Rs.3599
Intex Cloud Breeze Rs.3099
Intex Cloud Cube Rs.2499
Intex Aqua 3G Pro Q Rs.2999
Intex Aqua Lion 3G Rs.3999
Intex Aqua Young Rs.4000
Spice Xlife 431 Q Rs.3400
Spice Stellar Nhance 2 MI 437 Rs.2799
Spice Mi 362 Rs.2848
Spice Stellar 441 Rs.3359
Spice Xlife M46q Rs.3999
Spice 511pro Rs.2799
Spice Xlife 511pro Rs.3999
Spice Mi404 Rs.2985
Spice Xlife Victor 4 Rs.2499
Spice Xlife 348E Rs.2599
Spice Xlife 364 Rs.2599
ZTE Blade G2 V880H Rs.3499
Intex Cloud Gem Plus Rs.2390
Videocon Krypton V50DA Rs.3850
Videocon Challenger V40CF1 Rs.2360
Intex Aqua Strong Rs.2549
Videocon Graphite Rs.2999
Videocon Infinium Z45 Dazzle Rs.3495
Videocon Infinium Z45q Star Rs.3999
Videocon Z55 Delite Rs.3649
Videocon Z40q Star Rs.3999
Intex Aqua Active Rs.3098
Intex Aqua Lion 3G Rs.3999
Videocon Krypton 2 V50GI Rs.2945
Intex Aqua Eco Dual Sim Rs.3326
Videocon Z45 Amaze Rs.3767
Intex Aqua Speed Hd Dual Sim Rs.3700
Intex Aqua 3G Pro Rs.2599
Intex Aqua 4G Strong Rs.3590
Intex Aqua Wing Rs.3512
Intex Aqua 3G Pro Q Rs.3000
Intex Aqua 4.5 PRO 3G Rs.2999
Intex Aqua 3G Strong Rs.2499
Intex Aqua Q7 Rs.2680
Intex Aqua 4.5 Pro Rs.2699
Intex Aqua Sense 5.0 Rs.3999
Intex Aqua Viturbo Rs.2599
Intex Aqua Y4 Rs.3699
Intex Aqua Play Rs.3229
Intex Aqua Rs.3050
Intex Aqua Eco Rs.3131
Intex Aqua 3G Neo Rs.3400
Intex Cloud X12 Rs.3618
Intex Cloud x15 Plus Rs.2319
Intex Aqua A2 Rs.3890
Videocon V45DB Rs.3149
Videocon Graphite V45DB Rs.2999
Videocon Challenger V40HD1 Rs.2190
Videocon V40CF Rs.2699
Videocon Z45Q Star Rs.3999
Videocon Infinium Z42 Nova Rs.2999
Videocon Infinium Z40 Pro Lite Smart Rs.3446
Intex Aqua Active Rs.2990
Videocon Z30 Air Rs.2317
Intex Aqua 3G NS Rs.2979
Intex Cloud 3G Candy Rs.2495
Intex Aqua Joy Rs.2299
Celkon Millennia Q450 Rs.3600
Celkon Campus Prime Rs.3140
Celkon Millennia Q3k Power Rs.3299
Celkon Campus A402 Rs.3900
Celkon A355 Rs.2890
Celkon A400 Plus Rs.2999
Celkon Millennia Hero Rs.3390
Celkon Campus Nova A352E Rs.2399
Celkon A418 Rs.3800
Karbonn K9 Smart Rs.3297
Karbonn Alfa A114 Quad Rs.3190
Karbonn A6 Turbo Rs.2569
Karbonn Fashion Eye Rs.3740
Karbonn Alfa A91 Storm Rs.2199
Karbonn A91 Power Rs.2599
Karbonn Titanium Vista Rs.3899
Karbonn Sparkle V Rs.3199
Karbonn A81 Rs.2299
Karbonn Titanium S4 Plus Rs.2999
Karbonn Titanium Dazzle S201 Rs.3999
Karbonn Titanium S109 Rs.3989
Karbonn K85 Rs.2550
Karbonn S109 Rs.3878
Karbonn A91 Rs.2399
Karbonn S1 Plus Rs.2999
Karbonn A5 Star Rs.3301
Karbonn A 114 Rs.2745
Karbonn A 105 Rs.2250
Karbonn A 307 Rs.2390
Karbonn A2 Star Rs.2199
Karbonn A91 Champ Rs.2800
Karbonn Aura Rs.3430
Karbonn S18 Rs.3906
Karbonn K84 Rs.2640
Karbonn Alfa A110 Rs.2590
Karbonn A90s Rs.3789
Karbonn A109 Rs.2790
Karbonn N7 Rs.2499
Karbonn Opium N7 Rs.2499
Karbonn Alfa A1 Champ Rs.2890
Karbonn Alfa A1 Plus Champ Rs.2286
Karbonn A1 Rs.2511
Karbonn A1 Pro Rs.3590
Karbonn Alfa A99 Rs.2599
Karbonn A Plus Champ Rs.2614
Karbonn Titanium Delight S22 Rs.3890
Karbonn Smart A55i Rs.3150
Karbonn Alfa A92 Plus Rs.2595
Karbonn Alfa A90 Rs.2290
Karbonn A6 turbo with Ambrane power bank Rs.2799
Redmi Whitecherry Lotus Rs.3484
Micromax Bolt Q 300 Rs.2400
Micromax Bolt Q326 Plus Rs.3088
Micromax Q326 Plus Rs.2990
Micromax BOLT SUPREME 2 Q301 Rs.3595
Micromax BOLT Q300 Rs.2695
Micromax Bolt Supreme 3 Q303 Rs.2900
Micromax Q301 Rs.2999
Micromax SUPREME BOLT Q 300 Rs.2229
Micromax Bolt Q 346 Rs.3199
Micromax Bolt Q383 Rs.3499
Micromax Bolt Q381 Rs.3448
Micromax Bolt Q346 Rs.3149
Micromax Bolt Q327 Rs.3485
Micromax Canvas Spark 2 Plus Rs.3699
Micromax Bolt Q323 Rs.3330
Micromax Bolt Q326 Rs.2890
Micromax Canvas Amaze Q395 Rs.3799
Micromax Bolt D320 Rs.3949
Micromax S301 Rs.2148
Micromax Bolt S301 Rs.2520
Micromax Bolt D200 Rs.3400
Micromax Bolt D303 Rs.3499
Micromax Canvas Pep Q371 Rs.3499
Micromax Bolt A79 Rs.3499
Micromax A065 Rs.3990
Micromax Bolt A064 Rs.3000
Micromax Bolt A089 Rs.3290
Micromax A24 Rs.2099
Micromax Bolt A61 Rs.2949
Micromax A34 Rs.3799
Spice 441Q Rs.2399
Lava A51 Rs.3150
Spice Xlife Electro 55HD Rs.3799
Lava Iris 406Q Rs.3999
Lava iris 505 Rs.4000
Lava Iris N400 Rs.3500
Panasonic T30 Rs.3190
Panasonic T44 Lite Rs.2990
Panasonic T44 Rs.3492
Intex Aqua R4 Plus Rs.2299
Panasonic T35 Rs.2890
Intex Cloud Q11 Rs.3999
Panasonic Love T10 Rs.2498
Intex Aqua Sense 5.1 Rs.2599
Zen Desire Strong Rs.2399
Zen Admire Glam Rs.2839
Panasonic T41 Rs.3990
Zen Fab Q Plus Rs.3170
Zen Admire Glow Rs.2649
Panasonic P31 Rs.3996
Zen Admire Rs.2299
Zen Cinemax Force Rs.3799
Zen Elite WOW Rs.2199
Zen Cinemax 2 Plus Rs.3498
Zen Admire Punch Rs.3249
Zen Admire Curve Rs.2299
Zen Admire Star Rs.3399
Zen Admire SXY Rs.2989
Zen Admire Fab Q Rs.3170
Zen 402 Style Rs.2799
Zen 503 Rs.2820
Celkon Q405 Rs.3090
Haier E619 Rs.3999
Zte BLADE BUZZ Rs.2399
Zte Buzz Blade V815W Rs.2499
Zopo COLOR ZP590 Rs.3999
LYF Flame 7 Rs.3499
Zopo Color C1 Zp331 Rs.3999
Philips S309 Rs.2299
Josh Fortune HD Rs.3348
Josh Josh Passion Rs.3499
Adcom Thunder A50 Rs.2199
Adcom A54 Rs.3499
Swipe Konnect 5.1 Eco Rs.2899
Adcom Kitkat A35 Plus Rs.2199
Swipe Konnect 5.1 Rs.3185
Adcom Ikon 4 Rs.2399
Blackbear A1 Armour Rs.3349
Swipe Sonic Eg 5 Rs.3330
Swipe Konnect Pro Rs.3698
Blu Studio GHD Rs.3899
Swipe Marathon Rs.2799
Swipe Konnect Trio Rs.2335
Camerii STAR WG5001 Rs.3339
Swipe Konnect 4 Rs.2499
Swipe Sonic Rs.3399
Camerii CM47cherry Rs.2706
Camerii MATE7 GG5001 Rs.3451
Swipe Konnect 4 Neo Rs.2190
Spice Xlife 514Q Rs.3699
Spice Xlife M44Q Rs.2599
Spice X Life Proton5 Pro Rs.3398
Spice Xlife M5 Pro Rs.2999
Camerii BOND GG5001 Rs.3339
Camerii SPACE GG5001 Rs.3345
Camerii 44red bull Rs.3229
Camerii Kingfisher G310 Rs.3229
Camerii CM48 Rs.2706
Camerii CM46mango Rs.2706
Camerii CM50platinum Rs.2706
Darago M9i Rs.2399
Fly IQ 4520 Quad Rs.3789
Fly IQ 4520 Tornado Slim Rs.3789
Fly 4518 Rs.3499
Champion My 42 3G Rs.3700
Champion My 35 3G Rs.3050
Champion My Phone 43 Rs.2899
Iball Arc2 Rs.2199
Iball Andi 4.5C Magnifico Rs.2300
Iball Avonte 5 Rs.3999
Iball Andi i9 Rs.3249
Iball Andi 5N Dude Rs.3099
Iball Andi 4.5 O Buddy Rs.2750
Iball Andi 5K Panther Rs.3999
Iball Platino Andi 5u Rs.3100
Iball Andi 4.5V Baby Panther Rs.3999
Iball Andi4 Arc Rs.2700
Iball Andi Tiger Rs.2699
Colors Elite E 10 Rs.3499
Emerin Veto Rs.3350
EnergySistem Neo HD Rs.3800
Gfive President A97 Rs.3099
Gfive G10 Life Rs.2199
Ggs G10 Rs.2499
GoHello Glam Shimmer Rs.3999
Hasee TS X50 Rs.3497
Josh Passion Rs.3499
Kara K 12 Rs.2199
Kara K 10 Rs.2199
Kara K 11 Rs.2199
Kodak Sp4 Rs.2697
Lvtel V8 Rs.2399
Leagoo Lead 3 Rs.2290
Mhorse S7 Rs.3299
Mhorse S8 Rs.3499
Mhorse Stylus Rs.3499
Mhorse One A9 Rs.2450
Mhorse P9 Rs.3299
Mhorse Teeno T5 Rs.2474
Nuvo Alpha Ns 35 Rs.2399
Nuvo Nd40 Rs.3200
Onida I4 Rs.3820
Onida I505 Rs.3439
Onida I450 Rs.3449
Onida I405 Rs.3499
Poya M8 Rs.2999
LYF Flame 2 Rs.3599
Alco C9 Rs.2999
Alco C2 Rs.2799
Greenberry Droid Rs.3999
Panasonic T31 Rs.2990
Greenberry Unite Rs.3199
Greenberry Passport Rs.2999
Lava Flair Z1 Rs.3749
Lava A50 Rs.3099
Xolo Q900 Rs.3999
Celkon Millennia Q599 Rs.3199
Nokia 222 Rs.2999
Nokia 215 Rs.2040
Nokia 216 Rs.2300
Celkon Q567 Rs.3199
Samsung Metro XL Rs.3190
Celkon Campus Pride Rs.2749
Samsung Metro 350 Rs.2550
Celkon Millennia Q519 Rs.3999
Samsung Metro B313E Rs.2097
Samsung SM B350EGBDINS Rs.2749
Celkon Campus A359 Rs.2299
Celkon Q519 Plus Rs.3699
Spice Xlife 405dt Rs.2399
Spice Xlife 431Q Lite Rs.2549
Videocon V40GE1 Rs.2490
Videocon V40GE1 1 Rs.2490
Videocon V40GE2 1 Rs.2400
Videocon V 4005 Rs.2799
Videocon Z40 Lite Plus Rs.3490
Intex Aqua 4.0 4G Rs.3729
Intex Aqua 4.0 4G Rs.3729

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